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Wedding Scrapbook Design Ideas

Wedding scrapbook is always a better option and will be remembered with much more nostalgia than a professionally done wedding album.

Weddings are a once in a lifetime occasion however, you celebrate their anniversaries all of your life. These anniversaries can be great occasions to make scrapbook supplies. Scrapbooks are books that you simply maintain with pictures and phrases concerning the wedding and all the great experiences you’ve had together. There are lots of wedding scrapbook ideas with a variety of patterns to follow along with and colors to choose from. You can have themes for the scrapbook and keep updating it after every anniversary. They’re a great way of walking down memory lane each year with new memories to share. It isn’t a very difficult thing to make and keep as its team work and should be produced for each other. It can also be an excellent surprise gift for your loved ones when they pricier it. Given below are a few ideas at length for your information, thus continue reading to find out.

Wedding Scrapbook Design Ideas

Wedding Scrapbook Design Ideas

Wedding scrapbook is always a better option and will also be remembered with much more nostalgia than the usual professionally done wedding album. A scrapbook of such kind may also follow a certain theme or pattern. Here are a few ideas for wedding scrapbooking.

Wedding Scrapbook Themes

Here are some innovative ideas for any wedding scrapbook:

Theme Up

If your wedding was a theme wedding, the theme will be enough to fill your scrapbook, not just with pictures but also embellishments and memorabilia. Whether it was a beach wedding, for instance, you might want to stick tiny seashells or draw small figurines of marine creatures. The concept is to keep the wedding as well as its theme alive, to ensure that anyone who goes through the scrapbook can guess that it was a theme wedding in the end. Some people like to have weddings in the theme of the Medieval Ages, for example. Since everyone might are in possession of as much knowledge about those who are marriage, you might like to mention what it is within the first few pages of the scrapbook. Further illustrations and embellishments must only add to the whole theme and supplement it.

Color Me Love(ly)

Many people like to dress up in a particular color scheme for his or her wedding which is perhaps their idea of color which complements their love (like, peach, mauve or pink) or simply their favorite color (like blue, green or yellow). The scrapbook that you simply make in such a case could be either of the same color or the same color family. It might also be a complementing or harmonious color. In such instances, you have many choices as to what for embellishments, since there is no definite theme that’s being put to use. For lighter colors, for example, ribbons would be a simple yet elegant embellishment.

This Is when It Happened

An excellent way to compile a scrapbook would be to compile the whole wedding into a sequential order-from ceremony number 1 and so on. Since Indian weddings especially possess a lot of ceremonies, you could use it to your benefit and create something that starts in the day one of the whole wedding to the last day whenever you got married. If it all began having a small engagement or ring ceremony, all that’s necessary as an embellishment is a small ring eliminate or a small plastic band. For that Mehndi ceremony, for instance, you could decorate with drawings of tiny hands with henna designs in it and so on.

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