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Tips on How to Choosing the Best Scrapbook Album

Use this article to learn about the advantages of the different types of albums, including 3 ring scrapbooks and spiral binders.

A scrapbook album is a wonderful way to preserve the memories of special attractions, adding stories to go with them. While a brand new, blank album may seem intimidating when you initially start, it is actually an invitation that you should be yourself and have fun. You do not need to spend much money or time to create something wonderful. Imagination is much more important than the kinds of supplies you use. To help you create a scrapbook you’re proud of, follow some tried and true tips: Focus on the photo, include texture, and add embellishments and color for your next scrapbooking plan.

Scrapbook Album Selection

Scrapbook Album Selection

Size from the Scrapbook

There are two main sizes a scrapbook album is available in: 8.5″ x 11″ or 12″ x 12″. Obviously, there are a few craft stores which have scrapbooks in smaller sizes. However, we will urge you not to purchase any of them as the display of photos may not be as appealing as the ones on larger scrapbooks.

Now, even though many people select the 8.5″ x 11″ sized scrapbooks, there’s one drawback here?you receive very limited space to work with. In the event you wish to write something in regards to a photo, an incident, or funny fact, you may not be able to fit it all in here. Or let’s imagine, if you want to paste multiple photos on the page, the space crunch will truly make it difficult. As far as the 12″ x 12″ sized scrapbooks are worried, you can really embellish the pages with creative layouts.

Focus around the Photo

All good scrapbook designs begin with the photos. The trim, scrapbooking paper, along with other embellishments should complement and highlight the pictures while allowing them to remain the focus. Before you begin decorating your scrapbook, decide which photos to incorporate. Do they have a common theme? The theme may be the location if you were on a vacation, or it might be the people in the pictures, or a special occasion. Once you determine the theme of the scrapbook photos, design the rest of the album around that theme.

Use Pens

Match your design with some excellent information about the subject. Write your own captions and can include important facts that you want to keep in mind. A few years from now, you might not recall everything about the event, so, make use of a pen and write everything down. Take the time to write about where and when it happened; or write down a funny story about the vacation or activity which will continue to entertain you for years to come.

If you have an artist’s hand, draw in your scrapbook as well. This wonderfully personal touch is excellent if you are giving the album as a present. Draw a background scene for the photos or something that goes using the image. It does not have to be fancy. Actually, something simple, like candy canes or a snowman for a Christmas scrapbook, works perfectly. Draw a few Easter eggs and decorate all of them with colored pens for a baby’s first Easter theme.

Different Scrapbook Styles

Different Types of Scrapbooks

Different Types of Scrapbooks

When the selection of themes and sizes was difficult to handle, you’re not going to be too pleased to learn that there are typically 4 various kinds of scrapbook albums available.

3-ring albums – Because the name suggests, these albums make use of the standard 3-ring notebook style hinges for support. The web pages are secured via D-rings or O-rings. So, whenever you close the album, the web pages will stay flat like the pages inside a book, keeping all your precious memories secure. The best part about having a 3-ring album is you can expand it by adding increasingly more pages to it.

Book-bound albums – Resembling a conventional hardcover book, book-bound albums would be best when you wish to paste bulkier items. Aside from having pages where you can stick the photos in, the sewn and glued binding provides ample room for decorative elements, stickers, buttons, ribbons, or other embellishment you may wish to use in your scrapbook.

Post-bound albums – With machine screws and page protectors securing all of your pages inside the scrapbook, a post-bound album is a great choice when you wish to utilize each side of a page. One of the best reasons for these albums is that you possess the flexibility to add as many pages as you desire. By using the page extenders, all that you should do is open the screws, add some extenders, and include extra pages.

Strap-hinge albums – Also referred to as a spiral album, you will find flexible plastic straps which help secure the pages. The plastic wire loops run all of the through the edges of each page. Because the straps have already been slid over the pages to pay for them, it’s a tedious task to get rid of the straps in order to add or remove pages in the album.

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