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Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Hobby | 0 comments

Simple ideas for scrapbooking birthdays

Birthday scrapbook layout ideas are very important as they are the center point of your scrapbook.

Birthday scrapbooking is one of the most popular scrapbooking themes. It might simply be due to the fact that everyone includes a birthday and usually a celebration of some sort is needed.

Birthdays are special not just for those celebrating it, but in addition for the people related to them. Birthday parties are planned elaborately, birthday cakes are particularly ordered and many fun themes are made. We plan birthday gifts months ahead of time just to capture the smile along with a small tear of joy within the corner of the eye of our family members.

Simple ideas for scrapbooking birthdays

Simple ideas for scrapbooking birthdays

Birthday Scrapbook Gifts

What You Need

  • Pages from an old notebook or handmade paper cut towards the size of pages
  • Handwritten letters
  • Regular stationery stuff like stickers, buttons, glue, scissors, colour pens and glitter etc
  • Photographs and then any other thing you want to add.
  • Stick all of the goodies in and make holes within the paper and tie all of them with a string. Or else, have it hard bound at the local stores.


It is very important that you know how to layout the photos and also the little knickknacks that you have collected for that scrapbook. Usually on the cover, a sizable photo of the person can be tied to smaller one round the corners. You may make cut out of windows with some goodies under them. It might be good to include the birthday boy/girl’s name somewhere or even a picture of a cake if at all possible. The inner pages can be divided as:

  • School life
  • College life
  • Married life

Note: This segregation depends upon how well you know the individual and how much he/she has achieved.


Each page of the scrapbook could be color coordinated (like bright colors alternately) or contrasted with one another as you wish. Bright colors usually spread happiness and all things in the book gets lightened up. If you wish to use lighter colors, then add ribbons and pastel shade of buttons or some hand painting to go with it with.


In the inside pages use a variety of themes and letters. If you would like your scrapbook entirely filled with pictures, make a collage of all the birthday boy/girl’s favourite places and individuals and stick them in. Otherwise, you could dedicate a few pages to his/her grandfather or best friend or teacher to share how they feel. In between, you could include glitter, sparkle and all the dazzling stuff to enliven in the pages. Sometimes people go ahead and take more fun aspect of the situation and add crazy photos and also the fun times they have shared together. You can dedicate a few pages for this as well. Use some artistic talents of others, be it painting or sketching and add these to the pages.

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