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Posted by on Apr 20, 2013 in Hobby | 0 comments

Scrapbooking Layouts Ideas for Love

A scrapbook is just like a diary, only more fun, as you get to include photos, souvenirs, and mementos, not just of important people in your lifetime.

A scrapbook is defined as an album of pictures, text and memories from the special time. Some scrapbooks will be to commemorate events with family and friends, while some are used to help an organization bond.

A love scrapbook could be theme-based, a collection of romantic milestones; a compilation of daily experiences together with your partner or even consisting of future plans, wishes and goals.

Scrapbooking Layouts Ideas for Love

Scrapbooking Layouts Ideas for Love

How To Collect

A step-by-step process of developing a love scrapbook will involve the following:

  • Firstly, decide if the scrapbook will be theme-based or will be a broad collection.
  • Secondly, make a list of the significant events shared, that will increase as time passes.
  • Choose relevant memorabilia, for example photographs, cards, letters along with other reminders of your love.

Select the design, layout and finishing touches. You may be creative and use unique materials like cloth, handmade paper or metal. You are able to improvise and try new things such as embellishments, embossing or stitching. This can add a personal and warm touch to some book that will treasure the priceless moments of your relationship.

Write Your Story

Before you can create your love scrapbook, you will have to write your love story. Put aside a time when you can sit down and create the story of the love between you and your partner. If the scrapbook is not a surprise for the spouse, ask him if he’d be willing to write out your love story from his perspective too. Sometimes seeing a love story from another perspective can provide you with fresh ideas about the meaning of your ex story and the important events there.

List Important Events

Once you have written your ex story, use it to help you create a list of the important events in your relationship. Write down dates, places, people and items which are significant to the story line. Getting your love story organized will help you create a more chronological love scrapbook which will tell a beautiful story to people who look at it.

Choose Meaningful Images and Items

Find photographs and items which are significant to the major events inside your love story. Start grouping them together and filing them so that they will be ready when you make your scrapbook. Don’t forget to include things such as poems written for each other, ticket stubs and receipts with meaning.

Decide on Design

Produce a separate page for each important event inside your love story. Decide on an authentic yet coordinating design for each page. Consider utilising patterns and colors in the background that coordinate using the story you are telling. Put your photographs and other important items around the page in interesting ways. You shouldn’t be afraid to place items in an angle or create windows that readers available to reveal a special photograph.

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