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Posted by on Aug 8, 2013 in Hobby | 0 comments

Scrapbooking Ideas – Creative a Scrapbook for Boyfriend

A well made scrapbook is filled with memories from vacations, family outings and other special occasions.

Making a scrapbook for men can be a difficult task sometimes. We girls are fond of tassels and ribbons and glitter, but just imagine the look on your boyfriend’s face if you gift him with a scrapbook that is pink and frilly and has lace all over it! Aghast is the least of the things he’ll be. And he might meekly accept it just to make you happy, but he’ll have a huge bell tolling in his head! But relax! Given below are some ideas that are safe to be used for men. They are tassel free and will still manage to melt his heart!

Personal Scrapbooking Ideas - Creative a Scrapbook for a Boyfriend

Personal Scrapbooking Ideas – Creative a Scrapbook for a Boyfriend

Items You Will Need

  • Scrapbook or Photo Album
  • Tickets, receipts, pictures, mementos
  • Pens
  • Perfume
  • Paper
  • Poems

How To Make A Scrapbook For A Boyfriend

  • Step 1

Write out a few words that make you think of your boyfriend all over a sheet of paper. Use words such as funny, handsome or smart. Tear around each word so that each word is on only one torn piece of paper. Set the words aside.

  • Step 2

Gather all the receipts and tickets for shows, fairs, dinners, gifts, movies, and concerts that were attended as a couple. Choose which one was the most entertaining, and put this one off to the side

  • Step 3

Spray all of documents with perfume from 12 inches away. Use only a light misting. This will give the scrapbook a subtle scent and will not ruin the ink on any of the papers.

  • Step 4

Open the scrapbook or photo album and insert a piece of scrapbook paper inside then begin to place the receipts and tickets on the paper, with one receipt or ticket on each page. Leave room to write around the item. Written dates, poems or sayings will add sentimental value to the scrapbook.

  • Step 5

Write out a few favorite poems onto some sheets of paper, as well as ideas about what feelings were felt, next to each item in your scrapbook. This will give an idea as to what order to place the items in inside of the memory album. Insert these behind some of the items.

  • Step 6

Take the piece of paper with poems or words on it, and one item from your inventory of papers on top. For the last page, take the most entertaining ticket or receipt set aside from Step Two. This is going in the last spot, along with an entire page of what emotions were felt on this particular day with him. Relive it on paper, and he will as well, every time he opens the scrapbook.

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