Holiday Scrapbook Creative Ideas – Making Memories for Years to Come

The type of scrapbooking paper and particular paper pattern you use are also very important elements when personalizing your holiday scrapbook.

Scrapbooking is a perfect way to chronicle your family’s precious memories, a method to capture those special moments before they slip away. The holiday season can be a time of scurrying around being careful of one errand or chore to another, but it is also a time when memories are created. Use some of these scrapbooking ideas to create a memento that will last for years to come.

Holiday Scrapbook Creative Ideas – Making Memories for Years to Come

Holiday Scrapbook Creative Ideas – Making Memories for Years to Come

There are many important characteristics of a great holiday scrapbook, and it is all a matter of personal preference. Because the idea is to compile your own memories into your own personal album, it is important that you choose them carefully.

Get everyone involved

Scrapbooking is a straightforward, paper-based craft that everyone can do. Whilst getting the kids involved may mean sacrificing the element of perfection, the main thing is that you will be making more memories when you create your holiday scrapbook.

If your children are of sufficient age, have each child pick their most favorite part of the holiday season to craft right into a scrapbook page. One child can take cookie decorating; another person might do trimming the tree, or Christmas caroling. Separate all of the pictures that have to do with each event, and permit the kids to create their own memory page.


One of the important thing ingredients of a holiday scrapbook is your photos. The pictures you portray are much of what can even make up a good part of your holiday memories, and frequently depict a true representation of your family and friendships. Because there are probably several from which to choose, you may consider coming up with a central theme for the holiday scrapbook and base all you decide to include on that idea. For instance, if your scrapbook is a Christmas album, you would like to use pictures that are representative of that holiday.

Make use of a wide variety of photos within your central theme. For those who have children, include pictures of them getting involved in various holiday activities. Also include photos of other friends and family members, after which tie it all together by using group photos that demonstrate the involvement of your entire clan. You should use pictures of your child sitting on Santa’s lap, photos of people opening presents, and pictures of everyone around the Christmas tree.

Use images which are unique and will easily show others your dynamic personality. Choose striking images in attractive settings that can make the viewer stop to take a look at and admire them. Choose carefully, and also have fun creating your holiday scrapbook.

Sliding Cards

Microcut sliding cards might help take your holiday scrapbook to another level. They create it easy for you to include the photos you would like on an attractive card that you can embellish as desired. Simply scan your photos to your computer, then use the included software to place two separate images together for just one card. Then, print and assemble them to create a page that viewers won’t miss. You will get more information about sliding cards from the Internet, where one can also purchase the software and necessary supplies. Also look at your local scrapbooking supply stores with this product. Sliding cards are fun and simple to assemble, are very unique, and add fun and originality for your holiday scrapbooking project.

Paper Patterns

The type of scrapbooking paper and particular paper pattern you utilize are also very important elements when personalizing your holiday scrapbook. As this project is all about you, your family, and people around you who help make your life special, it’s a good idea to choose patterns that depict exactly that. For example, if you are putting together that Christmas scrapbook, you’ll easily be able to find patterns of Christmas scenes, Christmas trees, snowmen, and so forth. If these are patterns which will give others an idea of your holiday memories, they are the ones you should choose. You are able to, however, go for something a bit more personal by piecing together paper patterns which will reflect an array of events and activities. For those who have a large family, you will want to show that, so choosing patterns which include Santa or ginger bread houses, combined with the others mentioned above, can add personality for your pages.

Paper patterns may also be an effective way to add subtle beauty for your pages by serving as a backdrop for your photos. Since the photos in many cases are what you want to stand out, choose something which compliments them. You can also distinct patterns for different types of images, and blend and match as you desire.

You’ll find various patterns in your local supply stores, or shop on the Internet to locate, view, and purchase paper patterns. There’s also numerous web sites with pictures of holiday scrapbook pages that others used, along with other paper pattern tips and ideas. The bottom line is to simply make it your own.


Journaling is yet another important part of your holiday scrapbook. Whilst not everyone chooses to do this, it’s a good way to keep track of the memories which go along with the photos. By writing down the date and time the photo was taken, what they are called of everyone in it, and other information like the location, event, and various activities that took place at that particular time, you will be able to easily recall the day as though it had just occurred. This is particularly important if the holiday scrapbook is handed down from one generation to another, because quite often later generations either weren’t of sufficient age to remember the actual event because it took place, or weren’t even present in those days. Journaling is also a good way to add character and personality towards the images, and helps them tell a tale.

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