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Posted by on Jan 24, 2015 in Hobby | 0 comments

Easy Valentines Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

Valentine Day crafts come in large varieties like heart-shaped candies, pretty cards, photo frames, foam roses, heart pins, heart-shaped glasses and etc..

Valentine’s Day is coming! Valentine’s Day is a traditional day celebrated on February 14 all over the world to lovers to express their love for every other. The day celebrates relationship, love, passion and emotions. The actual festival is celebrated with considerably fanfare, pomp, gaiety and fervor. The cupid strikes everyone as people get busy finding your way through this day months before. Heart-shaped describes, doves, flowers (roses) and the figure of the winged cupid are the symbols connected with Valentine’s Day. Pull up your sleeves in addition to indulge yourself in preparing many lovely Valentine crafts this Evening of romance. Pour your heart and show your like to make your sweetheart feel specific.

valentines crafts for kids

valentines crafts for kids

The Valentine’s Day crafts for kids the thing is that below are fun, creative ways for your child to pay a cold February afternoon and most are made with materials most likely can find around the residence. Let your children take pride to make their own Valentine’s Day gifts or cards and could for sure that the person that receives them will feel extra special.

Twig Arrows

For the hunter-gatherers (you know the kid who always has rocks in their pocket and asks to bring home branches or bugs from park outings). We love that this craft incorporates nature; let the kids go on a stick hunt and have them use their treasures to make something even cooler! Bonus points for the little engineer who can come up with their own found-object bow to shoot these arrows with.

Heart Tube Stamping

This is a great craft for when you want to stimulate creativity in your kids but don’t want to mess with a lot of materials or steps. Simply grab an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll, squeeze the end into a heart shape, press into paint and stamp on paper. That’s it! Easy for little ones, and older kids can experiment with making different heart designs.

Mouse Valentine

Whether you keep as a decoration or give as a sweet Valentine’s Day gift, your child will adore crafting a heart-shaped mouse! Kids will especially love the pipe cleaner tails that they can position however they want.

Cupcake Valentine Card

Our cupcake valentine is the perfect way to tell someone “you’re sweet”! This is a simple paper valentine craft and the end result is a card anyone would love to receive.

Valentine’s Day Memo Book

Cupcake Valentine Card

Cupcake Valentine Card

This craft is simple and can be done in less than an hour. For this type of project, you will need red construction paper, blank white paper, scissors, stick glue and crayons. Glitter is optional. Cuts out the red hearts for the cover and have your toddler glue them on in any pattern she choose. For added cover embellishment, dot glue onto random spots and have your toddler sprinkle on some glitter. The inner pages of the memo book are the folded blank sheets of white paper. Your toddler can draw anything she likes inside each page or leave it blank. This type of activity encourages creativity and imagination.

Valentine Taper Candles

Valentine taper candles are the best options to show your love and creativity to your beloved, on the most romantic occasion of the year – Valentine’s Day. The taper candles would surely set the mood for romance, on the day. They can make excellent gifts for Valentine’s Day too. Moreover, they can also be used to set a romantic candle light dinner for your Valentine.

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